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Ivan Fornazaric, CEO
GORICA is a private company with its headquarters based out of Jebel Ali Industrial Area, Dubai. Mr. Ivan Fornazaric, owner and active CEO directs a team of dedicated professionals to ensure the company’s strategic growth. Mr. Ivan Fornazaric has dedicated 40 years of his life to the trailer and commercial body business, and brings a wealth of experience to the field. He plays an active and crucial role in the day to day operational aspects of the group and is equally involved on the sales front. The everyday challenges of meeting different clients and their unique requirements motivate him and his team, and he is driven by finding innovative solutions. The company’s motto, “Passionate about Trailers,” is clearly seen in his leadership.

GORICA believes that each of its employees contributes directly to the growth and success of the business. The GORICA culture ensures that each division of the business functions as a team and works together with other departments to give a true sense of the GORICA family.

Our sales team and project managers are trained product experts who can advise and follow up orders to manage client expectations.

Our technical department has the capabilities and expertise to design and to advise on all technical aspects of commercial body building.

Our production team is able to apply their skills to turn the design’ teams approved drawings and specifications into products while working under time pressure.

Our purchase team is able to leverage their expertise and our brand name to obtain better delivery times and better pricing.

Finally, our Quality Control ensures that each individual product that comes out of production meets GORICA standards in design and production. Of course, each division is not only integrated via the human element, but also by our ERP software, SAP. GORICA started using SAP in 2010, and today we are a fully functional and proud user of SAP.